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All hunting areas drop exclusively Adena and Equipment, varying only according to their level. There are also the so-called "High Level Hunting Zones", They are these:

Raid y Grand Bosses

All Raid and Grand Bosses in the game have Official 2011 drops and status. There are more than 120 Raid Bosses and Grand Bosses with epic battles waiting for you!

The drops and strength of Raid and Grand Bosses will vary depending on your level.

The drops can include: From Weapons and Armor of all kinds to improvement elements

It is necessary to do Quest to go to the Grand Boss.


Raid y Grand Bosses

Lineage 2 Baium
  • Valakas: 266h respawn

  • Antharas: 192h respawn

  • Baium: 122h respawn

  • Zaken: 48h respawn

  • Ant Queen: 32h respawn

  • Frintezza: 48h respawn

  • Barakiel: 12h respawn

  • Orfen: 36h respawn

  • Core: 38h respawn

All settings and features that were not informed here are Retail, ie equal to the Lineage II official, or was considered irrelevant.

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