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Basic rules

01. Always treat all Administrators, Game Masters and members of the Administration with respect. Any act of disrespect to the administration, regardless of the medium of communication, will result in a punishment.

02. Impersonating (pretending to be) any member of the administration is prohibited.

03. Advertising, comments or suggestions from any other Lineage servers are prohibited in any game chat or other media linked to us.

04.It is prohibited to use programs that interact with Lineage 2, exploit or take advantage of any type of problem found in the game, forum or website that benefits you in relation to other players. If a player discovers an error (problem / glitch) in the game, forum or website, he must immediately report it to the administration.

05. Never ask for levels, items, adena, teleportation or any benefit to any member of the administration because you will not be answered.

06. Your account is personal and non-transferable, which means that you are responsible for your own security in the game. Never give your password to anyone else, including administration. Make sure the computer used to play is secure. Never run additional interactivity programs with your Lineage 2, which were not provided by the administration, as they may contain viruses and keyloggers that will result in theft of your user accounts and/or items. The administration is not responsible for any theft, fall or destruction of items. The administration guarantees the total integrity and security of the server and, therefore, intrusion hacks to steal articles or accounts directly on the server, website or forum are not possible, that is, any type of theft is caused by carelessness or misuse of the users. .

07. All user data (its accuracy and maintenance) are the sole responsibility of the user. Take care of your data and keep your email account active since it is necessary to recover your password if you forget it. The administration is not responsible for data forgotten, lost, deleted or canceled for any reason.

08. Offending other players with profanity, derogatory and offensive names, pornographic, racist and other crimes is prohibited in Global Chat and any other means of communication provided by our team. In game chats, use the /block command to not see messages from unwanted characters. Use chat hero wisely as it involves reading the entire server. It is also forbidden to use any chat to incite or manipulate the players on the server against the administration.

09. Players who accuse, without evidence, the administration of favoring other players, will be severely sanctioned. The administration will not allow bad players to tarnish the image of the server because they are sore losers.

10.Any in-game action deemed anti-gaming by management (actions deemed inappropriate or of bad character) will also result in punishment, such as: interrupting or attempting to circumvent automated or management-made events; Attempting to trick other players by offering them fake items.

11. Dualbox
 A)  You are allowed to connect up to 1 character at a time per person with freedom to use it as you wish. Having more than 1 PC does not give you the right to connect more accounts.

12. Possession of Clan Halls or Castles
A) Manipulate the auction process so that the CH goes to a specific person.
B) Possession of a CH by an inactive or secondary clan.

C) Possession of a castle with a dormant clan.

D) It is allowed to attack or besiege other castles with a secondary clan

E) It is not allowed for a clan to own all the castles without expanding domains

(The staff reserves the right to expropriate them if it considers it appropriate due to the breach of the previous rules, not being obliged to compensate the loss)

12. Olympics
A) Fill inventory or switch to a sub to force the system to cancel a match.
B) Log out while in the stadium.

13. PVP (Player vs. Player)
A) PK in starting cities (including Gludin and Gludio).
B) PK lack of control, this is understood as a character indiscriminately killing others for a long period of time.
C) Use invocations to kill while the owner is in a zone of peace.
D) Assist a character (heal) from a peace zone to another that is outside of it.

14. Item SELL REAL $

A) It is not allowed to sell accounts, money or objects in general within the game for real money.
B) It is under your responsibility to buy objects for real money you can be scammed and previously your account can be sanctioned, since buying objects for real money or accounts is not allowed

14. About the punishments
A) There are standard penalties for each type of rule violation, however, Elmoreden staff reserves the right to modify this penalty (to increase or decrease it) depending on the circumstances. The penalty will be applied, but not limited, to the character and/or account of the infraction.

Ignorance of the rules will not be an excuse for non-compliance at any time. The non-interpretation of these regulations does not exempt from the penalty, in the same way, the questioning of the morality of the person who applies it may also be a reason for sanction.

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