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Our values

We are united globally by our shared values.

Our main goal is to make people in this world happier by delivering a lineage 2 in Spanish.

Our culture is innovative, creative, collaborative and impactful, and we are passionate about creating the best gaming experiences for our players.



"Stick to principle and be honest in all circumstances."



We are a group of people who love L2 and the project we present is to create a server with the best features of versions such as Classic, Interlude and H5. This decision has been made taking into account factors of balance between classes, graphic improvements, a modern game interface and better gameplay.

THE SERVER WILL LAST FOREVER, so we will not shut it down for any reason. We have the resources to keep it always open.

Our main goal is to build a bigger and bigger community, so that they can enjoy the best MMORPG game of all time.

Our server has an open source license as a Lineage 2 emulator, it is 100% legal and we are also doing the work that NCSOFT did not want a lineage totally in Spanish and IT IS NOT PAY TO WIN because we do it for the LOVE OF L2 and WITHOUT ANY PROFIT The development it never stops.



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