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Top server lineage 2


Top server lineage 2

Lineage 2 High Five Remastered

If you don't know how to start playing Lineage 2 and want to feel the unlimited gaming experience, read on and discover the Lineage 2 universe, and what's better. Totally free!

Starting with the Goddess of Destruction expansion, Lineage 2 became free to play, but without neglecting the different aspects of the game that made Lineage2 so famous (large-scale castle sieges, clan wars, the Olympics).

When we say free we mean that there is no different player account type or locked game content for VIP players only. Aside from the in-game store items, all game content (character creation, races, classes, skills, zones, bosses, quests, clans, crafts, bank, auction house, chat, mail, forums, etc.) customer service, and so on) is completely free.


The L2 Store offers items to complement your gameplay in the form of XP/SP boosts, potions, upgrades, and other consumables, as well as items to customize your character. Additionally, you can purchase premium packs that speed up character leveling over a longer period of time and contain exclusive items not available for purchase separately.

However, you do not need to purchase anything from the L2Store in order to enjoy the game mechanics or story content of Lineage2.

Buy only what you want, or play up to level 80 without having to buy anything. It's your choice. Play your way!

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